Wibbitz: automatically create videos from you web site

[From the article: Once implemented, Wibbitz takes an article’s text and automatically creates a summary, adding in images from either the website’s own image library, or a public image bank containing images licensed as Creative Commons (i.e., those designated OK for re-use). The end product is an easily digestible video containing text, images and audio narration, which is surprisingly listenable.]

Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

By TechCrunch.com, Published: September 6

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/wibbitz-raises-seed-funding-to-turn-articles-into-video-summaries/2011/09/06/gIQA6P917J_story.html


Demo at: http://cdn.wibbitz.com/LiveDemo/


From www.wibbitz.com: Wibbitz is the Play-Button for the Web. We automatically convert text-based posts and articles into engaging, interactive videos. The Wibbitz Play Button or Player can be easily added to entire websites, single articles, or just on a home page. Just add one line of code to your site and Wibbitz will automatically start creating summarized video-versions of your content.


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