Donate CPU Time for Cash

[From the article: The eight-month-old startup [CPUsage,] wants to pay folks so
it can harness their idle compute time to sell to corporations. CEO and
Co-Founder Jeff Martens estimates an average user donating four hours of
compute time every day could score about $10 a month. Martens and his two other
co-founders want to turn their Portland, Ore.-based startup into the
Folding@home or SETI@home of the for-profit world. The goal is to enroll users
and use their computers to help corporate customers (the startup already has
two) speed up their analysis jobs. The company’s software breaks up a job into
bits and sends those bits to the user’s computer for parallel processing. One
customer uses the service for decoding agricultural DNA. Martens knows it’s not
right for all jobs, as latency is high and there might be security concerns.]

  1. Need Cash? Forget
    , And Donate CPU
    Time Instead…/needcashforgetplasma-and-donatecCached

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Jul 14, 2011 –
Do you sleep? Have
a laptop or desktop that sits idle during those eight hours? Need an extra $10 a month? If so, startup CPUsage has a


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