Lessons From The Brain-Damaged Investor

[From the article: People with certain kinds of brain damage may
make better investment decisions. That is the conclusion of a new study
offering some compelling evidence that mixing emotion with investing can lead
to bad outcomes. …By linking brain science to investment behavior, researchers
concluded that people with an impaired ability to experience emotions could
actually make better financial decisions than other people under certain
circumstances. The research is part of a fast-growing interdisciplinary field
called “neuroeconomics” that explores the role biology plays in
economic decision making, by combining insights from cognitive neuroscience,
psychology and economics.]

21, 2005

From The Brain-Damaged Investor

Study Explores Links Between Emotion and Results; ‘Neuroeconomics’ on Wall

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB112190164023291519,00.html


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