A Robot in Every Home? We’re Getting Close

[From the article: The Revolution Is Increasingly DIY (=Do-it-Yourself): Last year, the predominant topic at Maker Faire was the DIY boom, and the impact it would have on industry. With EDDIE, another layer of DIY seems to have been breached—one that Microsoft is working hard to connect with as is evidenced by the Robotics @ Home
, which invites robot designs from public for a chance to be
funded for production. “We think we are getting very close to an inflection
point, where robotics will become more relevant to consumers,” said Stathis.
“Scenarios will be important. The experiences will be important. Here we have a
Kinect on wheels, but at home we’re mobile – we have smart phones, tablets –
how do we utilized these devices to generate cool experiences?” How do we tie
these devices to the robotics industry, and what will it mean for robotics?]


A Robot in Every Home? We’re Getting Close

American (blog) – Krystal D’Costa – 2 hours ago

The CCR (concurrency and
coordination runtime) is a library of functions However our
relationship with technology has changed in the last few years. ..



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