Big Tent Digital Humanities

[From the article: After
generations of relatively quiet progress—going back to the era of punch cards—the
digital humanities has exploded into academic consciousness as the Next Big
Thing at a time when the humanities seem to be in big trouble. Some recent
Ph.D.’s who were engaged with “DH,” as insiders call it, before it
was cool—say, seven years ago—are starting to feel jostled by the arrival of so
many newcomers. As one young postdoc complained to me, “Lots of people are
trying to hitch their wagon to the digital humanities star.” And maybe I
am one of them. One DH leader described me as a writer who traffics in
“edge discourse,” which is not quite the same thing as being a
“bottom feeder.” I gather it means that I am not an insider, nor am I
a complete outsider, since I’ve been following this movement for about three
years now (see my previous columns, “Summer Camp for
Digital Humanists
,” “The MLA and the
Digital Humanities
,” and “Digital
Humanities Triumphant?


‘Big Tent Digital Humanities,’ a
View from the Edge, By William

of Higher Education, July 31 & Sept. 19 2011

Part 1:

Part 2:


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