Amazon brings Kindle e-books to 11,000 libraries

[From the article: That option got an extra push
Wednesday when Amazon went live with its library lending
, bringing Kindle e-books to 11,000 participating
libraries across the U.S. Customers with a library card will be able to browse
their local library’s website and borrow digital books, which will be sent
wirelessly to their Kindle devices and apps. You don’t have to have a Kindle
device to borrow Kindle books: The program works with Amazon’s Kindle apps,
which are available on a profusion of mobile devices, and with Kindle Cloud
Reader, the company’s new Web-based
. Books can be borrowed for a set duration, typically
around two weeks, after which they are deleted from the borrower’s digital
collection. Libraries purchase licenses for the books they lend, which limits
the number of digital copies that can be “checked out” at the same
time. ]

brings Kindle e-books to 11,000 libraries

By Deborah Brunswick @CNNMoneyTech September
21, 2011: 12:53 PM ET



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