Round One To Authors Guild In Orphan Works Squabble

[From the article: Authors’ groups from around the world then responded with a
lawsuit demanding permission to seize the Hathi Trust. A few days later, the Authors Guild announced that J.R. Salamanca, the author of one of the
alleged orphan works, was not only living but was also surprised and annoyed to
discover the universities planned to share his book. That revelation has
apparently now caused the University of Michigan to flinch. “The close and
welcome scrutiny of the list of potential orphan works has revealed a number of
errors, some of them serious. This tells us that our pilot process is flawed,”
said a statement by the University of Michigan.]

Round One To Authors Guild In Orphan
Works Squabble

Authors Guild is crowing after universities decided to suspend the release of
over one hundred orphan works—in-copyright books whose owners can’t be
found—after the Guild tracked down a number of the missing owners.
via Yahoo! Finance – Sep 19 08:24am Source:


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