An open letter to J.R. Salamanca

[The work in
question (The Lost Country, by J.R. Salamanca) appeared on a Hathi Trust
listing of orphaned works that were scheduled to be made available to the
public. The Author’s Guild, which is suing the Hathi Trust, determined that the
author was still very much alive and available, and did not want his work
freely distributed.]


[From the
[Kevin Smith is Duke University’s Scholarly Communications
Officer]: Your “case,” if I can call it that,
illustrates two things.  First, that the process of identifying orphan
works in the Hathi corpus needs to be tested and refined, which Hathi is
committed to doing.  Second, in the rare instance like yours where the
process actually turns up an author who does still own copyright, the rational
course for that author is to embrace the mission of Hathi and of libraries
everywhere of connecting books with readers, and to exercise their right to
make their book(s) fully viewable.  Please believe me, that is a much
better option than having a book live out its term of copyright on
hard-to-access shelves in high-density storage.]


open letter to J.R. Salamanca

By Kevin Smith, J.D. On September 16, 2011



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