The Hathi Trust IS Our National Digital Library

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Roy Tennant:

But for my money, the Hathi Trust
is the closest thing we have to a National Digital Library, and it’s fairly
close from a variety of perspectives:

  • It
    has the goods.
    There are now well over 7 million volumes (and over
    4 million book titles) in the Hathi Trust collection. And it continues to grow.
  • It
    has the vision.
    See the Hathi Trust mission and goals.
  • It
    has the technical chops
    . See this.
  • It’s
    working on the governance.
    In a recent press release,
    a “constitutional convention” was announced for 2011 at which the members “will
    define HathiTrust’s next phase of governance and shape future directions for
    the partnership.”


Note: There is considerable commentary on this article worth


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