What Does the MFA Boom Mean for Print Books?

the article
: “We
sell FAR more e-books that also have print counterparts than we do books that
are only available in electronic format…The perceived value of a book
that is in electronic and print formats is higher than one that’s a just a
throwaway, 99-cent e-book.” In other words, if vanity doesn’t keep authors
invested in print books, economic self-interest will. All that might seem
trivial, until you realize that the number of would-be authors in America is
skyrocketing—particularly among the younger generation. The number of
degree-granting U.S. creative writing programs has exploded from 79 to 854 in
the past 35 years. The average age of students starting these programs is twenty-six.
I’m lucky enough to be a student in one myself, and can attest anecdotally that
the goal of nearly every writer pursuing this degree is to see his or her words
realized in print book form]

What Does the MFA Boom Mean for
Print Books?

Austin Allen on September 22, 2011

For full article: http://bigthink.com/ideas/40313


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