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McAfee Reveals Average Internet User Has More Than $37,000 in Underprotected ‘Digital Assets’

[From the article: McAfee (NASDAQ:INTC) today released the results of a new
global study, revealing that consumers place an average value of $37,438 on the
“digital assets” they own across multiple digital devices, yet more than a
third lack protection across all of those devices. In the U.S., people valued
their assets at a higher figure than anywhere else, at nearly $55,000. …“Most
parents wouldn’t dream of leaving a stack of their child’s photos, their family
bank statements, online passwords and other personal information just lying
around for strangers to sift through,” said Jennifer Jolly, consumer technology
expert. “But that’s what you’re risking when you walk around with unprotected
smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. Your digital assets are
precious, why wouldn’t you safeguard them?”]
Tech Journal South

Reveals Average Internet User Has More Than $37,000 in Underprotected ‘Digital

firm MSI International surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in 10 countries about
the financial value they would assign to digital assets such as photo libraries … consumer technology expert. “But
that’s what …FierceWireless

Microsoft goes open source with Gadgeteer electronics

[From the article: We can file this one – at a push – under open source
engineering, even if – given this involves Microsoft – no Linux is involved.
The Redmond giant has has announced
the official launch of Gadgeteer,
a set of electronic parts designed to be plugged together to build prototypes
or working electronic devices. Remote controlled cars and cameras are given as
possible examples. It is aimed squarely at “hobbyists, electronic
enthusiasts and educators” and Microsoft says it does not require any
specialist electronics knowledge or soldering. The idea is to make it simple
for anyone to quickly design and build their own devices.—Might be a good fit
for a lab. Jim]

Microsoft goes open source with Gadgeteer electronics

Alun Williams –

on August 4, 2011 1:42 PM

Xerox digital technology drives Espresso Book Machine

[From the article: Xerox and On
Demand Books will jointly market and sell, on a worldwide basis, the Xerox 4112
Copier/Printer together with the Espresso Book Machine – a fully integrated
solution that prints, binds and trims books with full color covers on demand in
retail locations and libraries. The Espresso Book Machine can produce
paperbacks in variable combinations of trim sizes between 4.5″ x 5.0″
and 8.25″ x 10.5″ for a production cost less than one cent per page.
With the Xerox 4112, the Espresso Book Machine produces a 300-page book in less
than four minutes and has the capacity to print more than 40,000 paperback
books per year. “Xerox is a natural fit for On Demand Books and the
Espresso Book Machine,” said Dane Neller, CEO, On Demand Books.]





digital technology drives
Espresso Book Machine

solutions, industry leadership, innovative printing technology and worldwide
sales and marketing footprint will help us reach our goal – providing book
enthusiasts fast and affordable access to millions of digital titles …AME Info · 8/2/2011

Donate CPU Time for Cash

[From the article: The eight-month-old startup [CPUsage,] wants to pay folks so
it can harness their idle compute time to sell to corporations. CEO and
Co-Founder Jeff Martens estimates an average user donating four hours of
compute time every day could score about $10 a month. Martens and his two other
co-founders want to turn their Portland, Ore.-based startup into the
Folding@home or SETI@home of the for-profit world. The goal is to enroll users
and use their computers to help corporate customers (the startup already has
two) speed up their analysis jobs. The company’s software breaks up a job into
bits and sends those bits to the user’s computer for parallel processing. One
customer uses the service for decoding agricultural DNA. Martens knows it’s not
right for all jobs, as latency is high and there might be security concerns.]

  1. Need Cash? Forget
    , And Donate CPU
    Time Instead…/needcashforgetplasma-and-donatecCached

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Jul 14, 2011 –
Do you sleep? Have
a laptop or desktop that sits idle during those eight hours? Need an extra $10 a month? If so, startup CPUsage has a

Publishing Gives Hints of Revival, Data Show

[From the article: BookStats,
a comprehensive survey conducted by two major trade groups that was released
early Tuesday, revealed that in 2010 publishers generated net revenue of $27.9
billion, a 5.6 percent increase over 2008. Publishers sold 2.57 billion books
in all formats in 2010, a 4.1 percent increase since 2008. …We’re seeing a
resurgence, and we’re seeing it across all markets — trade, academic,
professional,” said Tina Jordan, the vice president of the Association
of American Publishers
. “In each category we’re seeing growth. The
printed word is alive and well whether it takes a paper delivery or digital

Gives Hints of Revival, Data Show

Published: August 9, 2011


Gives Hints of Revival, Data Show

Published: August 9, 2011


Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites (Smithsonian)

[From the article: Based on our experience, and because the preservation process of a digital object starts at its creation, here are some suggestions for web developers that can help ensure that the websites they create and maintain will be easier to crawl, can remain accessible, and will be preserved.]

August 2, 2011 9:00 am

Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites

By Robin C. Davis