Archimedes sent a fax to XXI century

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Archimedes sent
a fax to XXI century

By Bora Zivkovic | September 26, 2011


High powered x-rays of a 10th century
prayer book reveal one of two surviving texts by the ancient Greek
mathematician Archimedes. The book has been dubbed Archimedes’ Palimpsest and
will be on display starting next month at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore,
MD. William Noel, who spearheaded the effort to reveal the hidden text, notes
that watching the x-ray scan results come in real-time was “like receiving a
fax from the 3rd Century B.C.”





Xerox digital technology drives Espresso Book Machine

[From the article: Xerox and On
Demand Books will jointly market and sell, on a worldwide basis, the Xerox 4112
Copier/Printer together with the Espresso Book Machine – a fully integrated
solution that prints, binds and trims books with full color covers on demand in
retail locations and libraries. The Espresso Book Machine can produce
paperbacks in variable combinations of trim sizes between 4.5″ x 5.0″
and 8.25″ x 10.5″ for a production cost less than one cent per page.
With the Xerox 4112, the Espresso Book Machine produces a 300-page book in less
than four minutes and has the capacity to print more than 40,000 paperback
books per year. “Xerox is a natural fit for On Demand Books and the
Espresso Book Machine,” said Dane Neller, CEO, On Demand Books.]





digital technology drives
Espresso Book Machine

solutions, industry leadership, innovative printing technology and worldwide
sales and marketing footprint will help us reach our goal – providing book
enthusiasts fast and affordable access to millions of digital titles …AME Info · 8/2/2011

BAE infra-red invisibility cloak allows tanks to mimic Jeeps and cows

See video towards the end of the article.

BAE infra-red invisibility cloak allows tanks to mimic Jeeps and cows

Jeff Hughes September 6, 2011