Jellyfish Genes Make Glow-in-the-Dark Cats

[From the article: First there were glow-in-the-dark fish, then rats, rabbits, insects, even pigs. And, now, researchers have inserted the jellyfish genes that make fluorescent proteins into Felis catus, or the common household cat.]

Genes Make Glow-in-the-Dark Cats

By David Biello |
12, 2011


Korean library digitizes Yale holdings

[From the article: The works, which include royal editions in moveable type,
Buddhist sutras and woodblock prints from 18th and 19th century Korea, will be
available with page images and bibliographic information in the National
Library’s own Korean Old & Rare Collection Information System (KORCIS) and
on the Yale library website starting in September 2012. Physical copies of
documents in the collection will remain at Yale.]

library digitizes Yale holdings

National Library of Korea
is funding the digitization of all … for preservation because they are
examples of woodblock and moveable type printing technologies used during the
Joseon period. Some of the more unique manuscripts have been …Yale Daily News · 9/5/2011

Creator of the ebook, dies

Michael Hart, creator of the ebook, dies
Shane Richmond – 3 days ago

who was 64, Hart wrote: “I am hoping that with a library this size that the average middle class

In-Depth: Michael
Hart, a Pioneer of E-Books, Dies at 64
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Hart (1947 – 2011): Prophet of Abundance
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of the e-book was all about freedom of information
‎ Sydney Morning Herald