Free Software Foundation targets Amazon DRM

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: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has
launched an online campaign to persuade Amazon to drop its use of digital
rights management (DRM) technology, and let customers decide what to do with
their electronic books. The group has set up a petition to persuade
Amazon to open up its user agreements and rethink its policy on DRM. The
petition has already been signed by free software advocate Richard Stallman,
Creative Commons and Change Congress co-founder Lawrence Lessig, and Harvard
law professor John Palfrey.]

Software Foundation targets Amazon DRM

by Iain

04 Aug 2009



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Wibbitz: automatically create videos from you web site

[From the article: Once implemented, Wibbitz takes an article’s text and automatically creates a summary, adding in images from either the website’s own image library, or a public image bank containing images licensed as Creative Commons (i.e., those designated OK for re-use). The end product is an easily digestible video containing text, images and audio narration, which is surprisingly listenable.]

Wibbitz Raises Seed Funding To Turn Articles Into Video Summaries

By, Published: September 6



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From Wibbitz is the Play-Button for the Web. We automatically convert text-based posts and articles into engaging, interactive videos. The Wibbitz Play Button or Player can be easily added to entire websites, single articles, or just on a home page. Just add one line of code to your site and Wibbitz will automatically start creating summarized video-versions of your content.