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[From the article: For now, the cost and time required to digitize all of Yale’s volumes
exceed the library’s capacity, Gibbons said. But a growing digital community of
libraries can help the University move towards its goal of expanding access to
its holdings. “Companies that were doing big microfilming projects are now
doing big digitizing projects,” Reese said. “If the question was could all the
books in the Yale library be digitized, the answer is probably yes … Yale won’t
necessarily have to be the one to digitize them.” If another institution has
digitized a work also found in Yale’s print collections, for example, the
institutions might share access through the Hathi Trust. Based in Ann Arbor,
Mich. and operating in conjunction with the University of Michigan, the Hathi
Trust offers libraries across the country access to one another’s collections,
Pilette said. Yale became a member of the Trust in August 2010, when it became
the second Ivy League institution after Columbia University to join. Jeremy
York, project librarian for Hathi Trust, said most libraries choose to allow
unrestricted access to their materials in the repository, but Pilette said that
in some cases, copyright law dictates that only the affiliates of the library
that owns the print edition may access digital copies of those materials.]

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worldwide are adjusting to serve users in an age dominated by online resources
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Using Tech to Engage Library Users Sparks ITHAKA Conference

[From the article: … [Susan Gibbons, Yale University Librarian] pointed out that
that it was important to realize the difference between what a librarian
perceives users’ needs to be, and what their actual needs are. A key is simple
communication—directly asking users what they want, and then finding the best
way to provide it. Those needs often intersect with technology. In a survey,
for example, the library found that many graduate students were asking for
access to online citation management tools, such as EndNote and RefWorks, but once offered,
they largely went unused, Gibbons said. Looking closer and asking students
questions allowed the library to understand that it had introduced the new
tools at the wrong time of the academic year—after the students were embroiled
in their dissertations and unwilling to alter their work methods. The library
reintroduced the tools at the very beginning of the academic year, and they
were then used extensively.]

Using Tech to Engage Library Users Sparks ITHAKA Conference

Library Journal

A focus on using technology to engage
with library users kept participants tuned into the second day of the
nonprofit ITHAKA’s Sustainable Scholarship Conference 2011 in New York on
September 20.

Source: http://www.libraryjournal.com/lj/home/892135-264/using_tech_to_engage_library.html.csp