The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference Wrap Up

[From the article: Open source software made the leap into mainstream productization many
years ago with products like Linux. And while the timeline is shorter by some
years, open source geospatial software is already a viable alternative
technology to commercial software, to the dismay of several commercial software
suppliers. With over 15,000,000 lines of code in the OSGeo library, there is a
wealth of contributed intellectual property to make a corporate lawyer drool
with envy.  While there is the realization that open source products are
viable, this is still just a small community of companies that are making a go
of it selling value-added solutions based on open source code. The evidence is
in the small number of exhibitors at FOSS4G (and many of those were commercial
providers like Esri, Safe Software, MapQuest and DigitalGlobe, the latter two
being locally headquartered) and even fewer large corporate sponsors to OSGeo.
Arnulf Christ, president of OSGeo, admitted it has not made a very good pitch
to companies looking for a return on their investment in the open source
movement. Even Autodesk, a long-time investor in open source that placed Map
Guide into the public domain several years ago, is now missing in action as a
major participant from FOSS4G 2011.]

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G

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open source technology is often seen as more cost-effective because ….
With over 15000000 lines of code in the OSGeo library, there is a
wealth of


Free Software Foundation targets Amazon DRM

the article
: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has
launched an online campaign to persuade Amazon to drop its use of digital
rights management (DRM) technology, and let customers decide what to do with
their electronic books. The group has set up a petition to persuade
Amazon to open up its user agreements and rethink its policy on DRM. The
petition has already been signed by free software advocate Richard Stallman,
Creative Commons and Change Congress co-founder Lawrence Lessig, and Harvard
law professor John Palfrey.]

Software Foundation targets Amazon DRM

by Iain

04 Aug 2009



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